Discover your Intercultural Intelligence Quotient (IIQ) and become a catalyst for transformation within your organization.

DiversiTest® is the 1st multidimensional intercultural intelligence test. It defines your cultural profile based on your understanding, feelings and actions of your everyday life at work. With your results, we identify the cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills you need to develop to increase your Intercultural Intelligence Quotient (IIQ).


As an anonymous self-assessment tool, DiversiTest® enables you to define the skills you need to develop to increase your IIQ and work more effectively in a multicultural context. Upstream of the training project, DiversitTest® acts as a tool for measuring and analyzing your needs in terms of intercultural skills developments.

En amont du projet de formation, le DiversitTest® fonctionne comme un outil de mesure et d’analyse des besoins en matière de développement des compétences  interculturelles. 

Your dynamic report

By answering the DiversiTest®, you receive a dynamic report and discover your cultural profile. Thanks to this tool, you are able to participate in the creation of inclusive professional environments that promote the expression of diversity.

Scientific foundations

Co-constructed with research laboratories in France and Switzerland, DiversiTest® is a scientific tool allowing you to pursue a social audit on your organizational culture.

Embark on the DiversiTest adventure. 

Designed by a team of experts in diversity management and service marketing, the DiversiTest® highlights your organization’s level of maturity in diversity and inclusion matters (D&I).

Based on a scientific competencies model, DiversiTest® precisely identifies the skills you need to develop to create an inclusive organizational culture promoting the expression of diversity.

Be among the first individuals in your organization to discover your IIQ.

 This test is designed to create cultural profiles specific to the HR community, managers, team leaders, etc., working in the diversity and inclusion field.

Discover your cultural profile (IIQ dynamic report)

Identify your areas for improvement to work more effectively in a multicultural context

Participate in the cultural transformation of your organization around diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues.

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